Offered in 4 sizes:

S: 22" x 14", edition of 15, (certain images have an edition of 30)

M: 40" x 30", edition of 12, (certain images have an edition of 20)

L: 60" x 40", edition of 10

XL: 48" X 72", edition of 3, (not available for all images)

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Bio: Jill Peters is a renowned portraitist whose editorial projects exploring human identity have appeared in GQ, Esquire, Marie Claire and others.  Her work has also been featured on many web outlets such as Huffington Post, CNN, ABC News, and the BBC.  She has appeared on HuffPost Live, CNN International, and Talk Back Live.  Her work has also been featured on many photography blogs such as Lenscratch, aCurator, feature shoot and Peta Pixel. Prior to delving into the world of Sworn Virgins and Hijras, Jill photographed celebrities and persons of interest from Anjelina Jolie to Ozzie Osbourne for Harper's Bazaar, Interview, Elle, Details and LIFE to name a few.

A native of Miami, she was eventually drawn back to its warmer, slower pace after suffering too many winters in NY. While here, she has rediscovered the venues and environs of her youth, the things that change... and the things that stay the same. As with her portraits, she sees beyond the surface; a facade is encrypted with what once was, what happened and what is to be.  The empty bleachers of an abandoned stadium splattered with vibrant graffiti, a solitary paddler punctuating a vast blue sea speak equally and eloquently to Miami past and present.